How To Choose Baby Care Products -Tips & Tricks

18 May

Becoming parents for the first time can be really overwhelming as you want to give and do the best you can for your new born baby. On becoming parents you come to realize that babies are not able to use the same products like us as their bodies are in a developing stage and hence they are vulnerable in so many ways. Thus, baby products are introduced which are actually much safer for your child because they are made in a way which will never harm your child’s body in any manner possible. But if you have checked already, you must have found that the market is flooded with a number of baby products which come in so many attractive shapes, sizes, colours & even features and thus it becomes luring to parents who tend to stack up these products in large numbers. But at the same time you should tend to think a lot about safety that comes along with these products.

Ways of Choosing Best Baby Care Products

Here are some of the tips and tricks which will actually help you in choosing the right baby products wisely.

  1. Talk with your paediatrician: The best you can do is that you should talk with your paediatrician before buying any kind of baby care products for your newborn (as it’s too hard to ignore a doctor’s advice). A lot of doctors, In fact, themselves advise you to use such kinds of products, as they will not bring any harm to your little ones. In addition to their medical training, paediatricians regularly encounter a lot of different products in their daily practice which then enables them to tell which products are right for your young one and which are not. Before bringing your baby home, do have a talk first with the doctor about the products to be purchased for the suitability of your child, be it soaps, lotions or shampoos.

  2. Understand common toxins: While you are shopping for baby products, you should either do some research on your own or talk with the doctor about certain common toxins which are present in the products. Also, while shopping, you can have a look at the labels of the products, which mentions all kinds of chemicals that are used to create the product. In this way you would be able to avoid those products containing such harmful ingredients while choosing the ones which are best and suitable for your child as recommended by doctors.

  3. Choosing products designed for babies: Soaps, shampoos & lotions specially made for babies are much milder and gentle than the regular products. It is advised that you should prefer these mild products & fragrance free soaps and lotions as they will help in keeping your infant’s skin soft, healthy and free from any kind of infection since they are made from organic components and are also free from carcinogenic substances.

  4. Bath products: While choosing a baby bath sponge, you must opt for cotton based sponges or cotton towels which are not harsh on your baby’s skin as the child’s skin can be very sensitive at this time and prone to rashes.

  5. Diapers: Use biodegradable diapers for your newborn baby as they have high absorption properties which helps in keeping your child’s skin smooth and soft and avoid any rashes.

  6. Chew toys: As your child starts growing, they will begin teething which is why you should buy a handful of chewing toys for your little ones. These toys will come in handy and are in a variety of shapes, sizes & colours. But don’t get lured by such baby care products and try to opt for a plastic free toy that will be safer for your baby as they will be putting it in their mouth most of the time. Chew toys made from non-toxic materials can be chosen for your infant’s health.

  7. Feeding bowels: Just like other baby products, feeding bowels also come in different shapes, sizes and colours & are made of plastic. Though they tend to last for a long time, plastic isn’t actually safe for your baby. So, If possible, avoid the use of such plastic bowels to feed your baby.

As the list of baby care products is an endless one, thus parents are advised to purchase only from reputed manufacturers and stores (i.e. Famous Brands). You might see a lot of advertisements that can be luring in many ways but never give in to your temptations as you don’t want to be misguided when it comes to your child’s health. So, be a discerning parent and invest your time and money in the right baby products for your little one growth and development.

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